Pimp My Sweater!!

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This is one of two posts about Sweater DIY.  Check out Sweater 9-1-1.

Sweaters are such a joy to own right? and as mentioned in Sweater 9-1-1, “a good one is hard to find.”  Luckily, be it old or new, there exists a way that you can get a little more life out of it.

So, I was in Target picking up some soap but, as as expected by any Target lover, I ended up in the clearance section to see what item I’d be substituting for food this week. I’m idding, but kind of not.  Low and behold I found a nice grey cardigan for $10.  To make things worse, it was in my size and there were TWO of them.  After taking a moment to figure out who I could bless with the other I purchased them both and went on my way.   On the way home I called my best (size Large) friend and told him what I bought for him without permission and of course he was glad I did.  When I hung up the phone the oh so common little voice in my head (in addition to reminding me that I forgot what I went into Target for) said, “Nice gesture, but now you have the same sweater. literally.”  When you know someone has a similar style than you giving him/her a duplicate can be pretty risky.

So I sat there staring at the sweater on my draping form and it hit me, elbow patches!!!!  Which is something I’d done before, but never with something new.  It would make for an awkward conversation if I reneged on a gift because I messed mine up trying to alter it and decided to keep the other for myself, right? Yea, so i proceeded with caution. The final product turned out great.  (Photos and details are below) Now I have to explain to my closest (size Large) friend why I didn’t do it to his, Lol.

Wish me luck

I chose Navy Blue 100% Wool because of the specks within the material.  Some recommend washing it before attaching it because it may bleed, but I’ve had that problem.  It complimented really well and took the sweater to an entirely different level.  I had several people ask me where I purchased it from.  With pride I Target in my fake French accent.  the sad part is that only one of the 4 or 5 people stuck around for my crafty “Pimp My Sweater” story, Lol.

If I had more time I would have actually felted the sweater, but there will be more opportunities.

As mentioned in Sweater 9-1-1 there are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to take on this task for yourself.

  • Choosing the same color but a different texture is always a great way to add character without familiarity
  • Use a random color if your a thrill seeker
  • Leather is in! – but it takes a different kind of needle, a higher caliber thread, and a little more experience to get the job done well.
  • Speaking of challenge, if your up for it try the age-old technique of Felting too.  I’ll likely post this process in the future.
  • Always think texture because it adds depth and character.
  • Hand in hand with texture you must consider the properties of the textile, as this effects the wear-ability and life spam. (#friction)

If you have anything to add feel free to comment.


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